Construct a Crossed Column

Returns a column for performing crosses of categorical features. Crossed features will be hashed according to hash_bucket_size.

column_crossed(keys, hash_bucket_size, hash_key = NULL)



An iterable identifying the features to be crossed. Each element can be either:

  • string: Will use the corresponding feature which must be of string type.

  • categorical column: Will use the transformed tensor produced by this column. Does not support hashed categorical columns.


The number of buckets (> 1).


Optional: specify the hash_key that will be used by the FingerprintCat64 function to combine the crosses fingerprints on SparseCrossOp.


A crossed column.


  • ValueError: If len(keys) < 2.

  • ValueError: If any of the keys is neither a string nor categorical column.

  • ValueError: If any of the keys is _HashedCategoricalColumn.

  • ValueError: If hash_bucket_size < 1.

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