Print a summary of a Keras model


## S3 method for class 'keras.engine.training.Model'
summary(object, ...) 
## S3 method for class 'keras.engine.training.Model'
  line_length = width - (11L * show_trainable), 
  positions = NULL, 
  expand_nested = FALSE, 
  show_trainable = x$built && as.logical(length(x$non_trainable_weights)), 
  compact = TRUE, 
  width = getOption("width") 
## S3 method for class 'keras.engine.training.Model'
print(x, ...) 


Arguments Description
object, x Keras model instance
for summary() and print(), passed on to format(). For format(), passed on to model$summary().
line_length Total length of printed lines
positions Relative or absolute positions of log elements in each line. If not provided, defaults to c(0.33, 0.55, 0.67, 1.0).
expand_nested Whether to expand the nested models. If not provided, defaults to FALSE.
show_trainable Whether to show if a layer is trainable. If not provided, defaults to FALSE.
compact Whether to remove white-space only lines from the model summary. (Default TRUE)
width the column width to use for printing.


format() returns a length 1 character vector. print() returns the model object invisibly. summary() returns the output of format() invisibly after printing it.

See Also

Other model functions: compile.keras.engine.training.Model(), evaluate.keras.engine.training.Model(), evaluate_generator(), fit.keras.engine.training.Model(), fit_generator(), get_config(), get_layer(), keras_model_sequential(), keras_model(), multi_gpu_model(), pop_layer(), predict.keras.engine.training.Model(), predict_generator(), predict_on_batch(), predict_proba(), train_on_batch()