Serialize a model to an R object


Model objects are external references to Keras objects which cannot be saved and restored across R sessions. The serialize_model() and unserialize_model() functions provide facilities to convert Keras models to R objects for persistence within R data files.


serialize_model(model, include_optimizer = TRUE) 
unserialize_model(model, custom_objects = NULL, compile = TRUE) 


Arguments Description
model Keras model or R “raw” object containing serialized Keras model.
include_optimizer If TRUE, save optimizer’s state.
custom_objects Mapping class names (or function names) of custom (non-Keras) objects to class/functions (for example, custom metrics or custom loss functions). This mapping can be done with the dict() function of reticulate.
compile Whether to compile the model after loading.


serialize_model() returns an R “raw” object containing an hdf5 version of the Keras model. unserialize_model() returns a Keras model.


The save_model_hdf5() function enables saving Keras models to external hdf5 files.

See Also

Other model persistence: get_weights(), model_to_json(), model_to_yaml(), save_model_hdf5(), save_model_tf(), save_model_weights_hdf5()