Generates batches of augmented/normalized data from image data and labels


Generates batches of augmented/normalized data from image data and labels


  y = NULL, 
  generator = image_data_generator(), 
  batch_size = 32, 
  shuffle = TRUE, 
  sample_weight = NULL, 
  seed = NULL, 
  save_to_dir = NULL, 
  save_prefix = "", 
  save_format = "png", 
  subset = NULL 


Arguments Description
x data. Should have rank 4. In case of grayscale data, the channels axis should have value 1, and in case of RGB data, it should have value 3.
y labels (can be NULL if no labels are required)
generator Image data generator to use for augmenting/normalizing image data.
batch_size int (default: 32).
shuffle boolean (defaut: TRUE).
sample_weight Sample weights.
seed int (default: NULL).
save_to_dir NULL or str (default: NULL). This allows you to optionally specify a directory to which to save the augmented pictures being generated (useful for visualizing what you are doing).
save_prefix str (default: ’’). Prefix to use for filenames of saved pictures (only relevant if save_to_dir is set).
save_format one of “png”, “jpeg” (only relevant if save_to_dir is set). Default: “png”.
subset Subset of data ("training" or "validation") if validation_split is set in image_data_generator().


Yields batches indefinitely, in an infinite loop.



(x, y) where x is an array of image data and y is a array of corresponding labels. The generator loops indefinitely.

See Also

Other image preprocessing: fit_image_data_generator(), flow_images_from_dataframe(), flow_images_from_directory(), image_load(), image_to_array()