Callback used to stream events to a server.


Callback used to stream events to a server.


  root = "https://localhost:9000", 
  path = "/publish/epoch/end/", 
  field = "data", 
  headers = NULL, 
  send_as_json = FALSE 


Arguments Description
root root url of the target server.
path path relative to root to which the events will be sent.
field JSON field under which the data will be stored.
headers Optional named list of custom HTTP headers. Defaults to: list(Accept = "application/json",Content-Type= "application/json")
send_as_json Whether the request should be sent as application/json.


Events are sent to root + '/publish/epoch/end/' by default. Calls are HTTP POST, with a data argument which is a JSON-encoded dictionary of event data. If send_as_json is set to True, the content type of the request will be application/json. Otherwise the serialized JSON will be send within a form

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